Hello!  My name is Maia, I am 20 years old, and welcome to my brand new blog: thecrazylifeofme.com!

On this blog I will share nothing more and nothing less than my real, raw life.  I hope to connect will people online and make new connections and friendships and, most of all, just be the crazy me that I want to be.  Because I’m not normal, nobody is.  I want to embrace my weirdness, and you should too.  Hopefully this blog with help me to embrace who I am and maybe even make a difference in somebody else’s life.

What will you find on this blog?  You will find posts about depression and anxiety and how my life has been affected by it and how I got it in the first place.  You will find stories about my life-present and past-and find out my hopes and dreams for the future.  You will find out that I love Christmas and Easter and Thanksgiving and all of the other wonderful holidays out there except for Halloween and April Fools Day.  You will find out that I am a huge book worm (I prefer to be called a book dragon), a Disney fanatic, and a new lover of everything DC (take it easy on me on this last one-this is a new hobby of mine).  You will find out that I am an aspiring writer who hopes to be published one day soon and learn my struggles and joys in my process to fulfill my dreams.  You will read stories that you can relate to, and maybe some that you can’t relate too as well.  You will find posts where all that I do is rant about stupid things in movies or books or life (no politics here-yay!) in general.

I hope that you will take the time to learn a little bit more about me as I take this journey of starting a blog.  I hope to make a difference in your life and I hope that you can make a difference in my life as well.

But, most important of all: let’s make a pact, you and me.  Let’s promise to just be our own crazy selves from here on out and not care what the haters say because we are special, we are beautiful, we are all amazing just the way that we are.  Thank you for giving me a chance to share the crazy life of me with you. Thank you. <3